Adding a new step in event wizard, the open source way — Part 1

Why you should contribute to Eventyay… starting today.

TL;DR : This is the first part of the three post series on how to tackle a feature issue using a feature request from github’s page. This particular post is about what is eventyay, where can you find the code and what exactly is the problem statement which needs to be addressed. Also, there is a preview of what will be the end product 😉

What is Eventyay?

Eventyay banner

If you are a regular event manager and are acquainted with the usual event hosting process, you must have heard about Eventbrite. We are going to be at a common ground of acceptance that yes, that platform is cool. But there is just one issue, where’s the code?

What can you do if you need a new feature in your event management setup apart from pinging sleepy developers at 8 in the morning saying : Hey, it would be cool if you could just add this xyz feature. Regards!

Now, let’s bring Eventyay into the picture. Consider it to be the younger brother of Eventbrite which is completely open-source and comprises of a team which anyone can become a part of and contribute to. Looking for a beginner friendly open source project? This may be the perfect start for you! All you need to know is EmberJs and Flask.

The Project Links

You can find the project codes here:

What is a Wizard Step?

As the name suggests, the wizard refers to the steps you have to go through to create an event. Of course, the sequence is our Event Creation Wizard. So, a step in this sequence is simply a wizard step! Let’s take a quick look at it.

Current three event creation steps

Each step has a form attached to it and you can navigate between these by attached forward and backward buttons. Every contains two additional buttons : Save Draft and Publish Event. Save draft saves your event as … yeah, you guessed it right, Draft. While Publish option … yup, right again, publishes it , but this option is only available if there is an event location available.

Navigation in wizard

Problem at Hand

As we can see that according to current wizard, we have three steps.

  • Step 1 : Collects basic details, ticketing details etc. for your event
  • Step 2 : Sets up sponsor information about your event
  • Step 3 : Defines what your event sessions will look like (if any)

What if your event has a ticket, and you want to collect attendee information and you want a customizable attendee form for those details and push this step in the step 2 while pushing back the existing steps making your wizard should look like this :

  • Step 1 : Collects basic details, ticketing details etc. for your event
  • Step 2 : Set up the attendee form
  • Step 3 : Sets up sponsor information about your event
  • Step 4 : Defines what your event sessions will look like (if any)

This, mi amigo, is the problem we will be solving in this series of posts and hope to give you a head start with an example as to how to contribute and what should be your approach while tackling such an issue.

End Product Preview

Welcome, to your new wizard step

So, you know your task and you know your end product. if you can’t wait and want to dive into the code straightaway, be my guest and check out the PR in the project links, or you could wait for an in depth tutorial as to how to approach this problem starting from next blog post itself. Till then, ciao!

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