Software Engineer @Trell | GSoC’19 @fossasia | Loves distributed systems, football, anime and good coffee. Writes sometimes, reads all the time.

TL;DR. 🚶
I have made a mini instrumentation example on how to configure your golang application to use opentelemetry and pushing the acquired traces to a sentry backend. Here’s the Github link to it (you can find the steps to run the sample there itself)

Introduction 👋

Still here? Awesome!

Distributed tracing…

Why this browser privacy extension is a life saver and how can intelligent engineering scale it?

Too long didn’t read? 🚶

We won Hackoverflow 4.0 organised by NIT Durgapur and this is elaboration of our submission and how we did and why we did it. Check out the devfolio submission for more and the Github link to try the project out.

Devfolio submission

Ideation of the product 🧠

Have you ever worked…

Uddeshya Singh

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